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In support of your Lean, Lean Six Sigma, and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) business transformation efforts, SigmaPro is pleased to provide access to the following technical publications.  These publications include Design for Six Sigma deployment, Design for Six Sigma project identification and selection, Axiomatic Design, requirements definition, multivariate statistical process control, measurement systems analysis, risk analysis, Lean Six Sigma deployment, Lean Six Sigma project identification and selection, and much more.

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Dr. Jack Prins

January 01, 1998

Multivariate Control Charts for Grouped and Individual Observations

Quality control and process control are based on data that are sequentially collected. The collection is displayed and analyzed, either in "real time", which means that a very fast program works on the data as soon as they are generated, or later after perhaps some cleaning up. It is a fact of life that most data are naturally multivariate. The classical Shewhart approach, dating back to 1924, tracked one variable by detecting shifts in the mean or variance with the assistance of contr...
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Dr. Douglas Mader

January 01, 1997

An Application in Multivariate SPC for Power Supply Calibration

This paper describes an application in real-time multivariate statistical process control for the automated power calibration of a family of high-energy power supplies. Subsequent to a variance-stabilizing transformation, data for the actual power produced by each unit under test is regressed on the specified input power over the operating range. The slope and intercept from the simple linear regression are then compared to the bivariate normal distribution for slope-intercept pairs from previou...
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