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DFSS596 Design for Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification -- Regensburg/Stuttgart, Germany

Event Start Date: 5/3/2021 8:00 AM

Event End Date: 7/2/2021 1:00 PM

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Program Title:

Design for Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Program Duration:

10 Days

Program Delivery:

Onsite, Public, Online


Course Description


SigmaPro's highly effective Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Master Black Belt (MBB) training and certification program is a detailed and informative treatment of the issues involved in developing, deploying and sustaining a successful DFSS program.  SigmaPro's SigmaPro'sextensive experience in DFSS deployment and training provides a singularly unique perspective that will assist industrial Master Black Belts in deciding how, where, when, and why DFSS should be implemented.  Participants will discuss a deployment plan based on strategic product or process launch criteria and the desired financial performance as well as how to allocate resources and manage the DFSS effort.  Participants will also gain an in-depth knowledge of the most popular DFSS strategy -- Define-Measure-Analyze-Design-Validate (DMADV) as well as the technical and statistical tools to support the DMADV strategy.  To facilitate learning and increase knowledge retention, this training is delivered in two 5-day training blocks which are typically separated by one month.


Candidate Qualifications


  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Master Black Belt candidates are typically industrial product or process designers with strong technical backgrounds or individuals with previous Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.
  • Previous candidates have come from many different types of industrial design organizations.
  • A certificate will be provided which may be used for recertification credits.
  • DFSS Master Black Belt candidates must successfully complete the SigmaPro DFSS MBB certification examinations at the close of each week of training.
  • Interested candidates should email a resume and three technical references to apply to enroll in the program.


Participants Will Learn


  • How Six Sigma evolved from Motorola's original Six Sigma program into a highly effective improvement strategy for the development of new products, processes, and services.
  • How to design, plan, launch and sustain a highly successful new product development effort that fully utilizes Design for Six Sigma concepts.
  • How DFSS can be used to optimize any product or service portfolio.
  • How the DMADV DFSS methodology is executed and managed.
  • How to effectively identify, select, launch, and manage DMADV projects.
  • Detailed analytical tools and methodologies that are involved in the execution of the DMADV DFSS process.




Managing LSS & DFSS Initiatives

The Lean Six Sigma Foundation

The Hidden Factory

LSS Project Management

DFSS Project Management

Defining LSS & DFSS Projects

Deploying LSS & DFSS Systems


Closing Projects

Sustaining the Gains

Systems Analysis

Generating Requirements

Generating Concepts

System & Process Definition

Axiomatic Design

Data Modeling

Nonparametric Statistical Methods

Measures of Linear Association

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Transfer Function Modeling

Logistic Regression

Discriminant Analysis

Contingency Tables + Chi Square

Big Data

Matrix Algebra Review

Multivariate Probability Models

Multivariate Analysis of Variance

Principal Components Analysis

Principal Components Regression

Cluster Analysis

Measurement Systems Analysis

Univariate Gage R&R & Risk Analysis

Attribute Agreement Analysis

Multivariate Gage R&R & Risk Analysis

Bias, Linearity, and Stability



Probabilistic Design

Factorial Experimentation

Fractional Factorial Experimentation

Empirical Optimization

Response Surface Methods

Robust Design

Nonlinear Optimization

Monte Carlo Simulation

Statistical Tolerancing

Capstone Exercise

Lean Methods

Lean Systems

Visual Management and Five S (5S)

Standard Operations

One-Piece Flow

Kanban Systems

Error Proofing

Value Stream Mapping

Lean for Service Processes

Cycle Time Reduction

Service-Specific Methods

Design and Analysis of Surveys

Queuing Analysis

Discrete Event Simulation

Product & Process Validation

Developing Test Plans

Basic Reliability Methods

Accelerated Life Test

Experimentation for Reliability

Successful Pilot Studies

Process Control Methods

Control Plans

Multivariate Statistical Process Control

Basic Forecasting

Advanced Forecasting


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